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Vickers Viking flying boat, G-CAEB, purchased in June 1922 by Laurentide Air Service.

Photo: Canada Aviation and Space Museum #1828. 


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Aviation History of the Outaouais – An Overview



The aviation history of the Outaouais region of Québec goes back nearly 100 years to the days following the First World War when war surplus aircraft became available at modest prices. To encourage all readers to explore this rich history for themselves, I have compiled this overview covering the period from 1919 to 1970 to provide a starting point.


Based on extensive reference notes I have made over the course of 60 years, this brief survey lists some 75 commercial aviation operators and their major clients, as well as more than 130 aviation sites in the Outaouais and adjacent regions. Representative aircraft are shown for each of the operators, illustrating the variety of aircraft types flown in this part of the province. Aircraft are also listed separately, by manufacturer and type name or designation.


George A. Fuller

May 2017



Associated Lists


List of representative aircraft types:
List of aviation sites in the region:





Commercial Aircraft Operators and Major Clients


Addresses and years of operation are given for the various commercial aircraft operators. Representative aircraft are also listed for each operator. Unless otherwise indicated, locations are in Québec. In many cases, historic place names have been retained.



Aircraft Distributors Ltd., Montréal (1930-33) Amphibions P-2 Privateer, CF-APU

Amos Air Service Ltd. (W.J. Davis), Montréal and Como, Vaudreuil county (1934-40) Curtiss C-1 Robin, CF-AHE

Bases on the Rivière Harricana at Amos and on Lac Osisko at Rouyn.

Aviation League of Canada, Ottawa ON (1929-34) D.H. 60 Moth, CF-AAA




Amphibions P-2 Privateer, CF-APU, amphibian flying boat operated by Chambers & Rowntree Ltd. of Montréal. Photo: Canada Aviation and Space Museum #KM799.


Berry, J.M., Rouyn (1938-39) – Avro 594B Avian IVM, CF-CDL

Bisson, Louis J., Hull (1930-36) Waco UKC, CF-AVR

Prominent pilot with Royal Air Force Ferry Command in the Second World War. The bridge on Autoroute Chomedey (Route 13), over the Rivière des Prairies carries his name. (See also Nash and Mohr.)

Brock & Weymouth of Canada Ltd., Montréal (1925-29) Fokker C.II, G-CAEV

Flying from the frozen Lac Robertson near Taschereau, did photo survey in 1925.

Brunelle, I., St-Eustache (1929-38) D.H. 60M Moth, CF-AGE

Passenger carrying.


Canadian Aerial Services Ltd., Montréal (1921) Curtiss JN-4, G-CABA

Exhibition flying at Chénéville. This aircraft was wrecked in collision with an automobile, killing the driver.

Canadian Aero Film Co. Ltd., Toronto ON (1919-21) Curtiss HS-2L, G-CAAZ

In 1920, flew from North Bay ON to Mattawa ON, then followed the Rivière des Outaouais to New Liskeard ON.

Canadian Airways Ltd., Eastern Lines, Montréal (1934-36) Fairchild Super 71, CF-AUJ

Company operated at Ottawa ON, and at Maniwaki and Amos.

Canadian International Paper Co. Ltd., Montréal (1925-81)

Client of Fairchild Aviation Ltd. for operations in the area.

Capreol & Austin Air Service Ltd., Toronto ON (1932-35) Waco UKC, CF-AVN

Operated charter service in 1934, from Toronto ON to the Rouyn area.

Central Airways Ltd., Amos (1935-37) Travel Air B-6000, CF-AER

Company Director C.W. McLeod was publisher of the newspaper “Val d’Or News”.

Chambers & Rowntree Ltd., Montréal (1930-31) Amphibions P-2 Privateer, CF-APU

Chartered in 1931 to fly Athanase David, Provincial Secretary in the Québec National Assembly, from St-Hubert Airport to his home at Ste-Agathe.

Cockeram, Robert, Toronto ON (1929-38) Waco YKC, CF-AWE

This mining entrepreneur pilot had his operating headquarters at Senneterre in 1933.

Compagnie aérienne franco-canadienne, Inc., Montréal (1926-31) Lioré et Olivier LeO 198, CF-ACS

In 1929 this flying boat visited Rockcliffe ON and later may have carried freight from St-Félicien to the Obalski mining operations in the Chibougamau area.

Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd., Senneterre (1937-38) – D.H. 90 Dragonfly, CF-BFF

This aircraft covered a large area of Québec on exploration work.

Croteau, M., Amos (1938-39) D.H. 60X Moth, G-CAUP

Curtiss-Reid Airways Ltd., Senneterre (1929-33) Travel Air SA-6000-A, CF-AEJ

Although its principal base was at St-Félicien, this company probably was a regular operator in the area.


CF-AEJ, Travel Air SA-6000-A, in service with Curtiss-Reid Airways from 1929, later owned by Starratt Airways, and subsequently by Canadian Pacific Air Lines. Photo: Library and Archives Canada #PA-014840.


D & L Aerial Transportation Ltd., St-Jovite (1936-37) Waco YKS-6, CF-AYR

Based at Gray Rocks Inn, Lac Ouimet.

Dominion Skyways Ltd., Montréal and Rouyn (1936-42) Noorduyn Norseman prototype, CF-AYO

The prominent first operator of the Norseman, the company had bases at Rouyn (Lac Osisko) and Senneterre.

Drummond-Eckardt Commercial Air Service, Hull (1920) Curtiss JN-4, G-CADI

Operating briefly from a field on the Allen Farm on the Aylmer Road.

Drury, William H.F., Rouyn (1936-38) Waco YKS-6, CF-AYR


Elliot-Fairchild Air Transport, Ltd., Haileybury ON (1926) – Aeromarine AMC, G-CAFD

Operated bi-weekly service between Haileybury ON and Rouyn.

G-CAFD, Aeromarine AMC flying boat operated by Elliot-Fairchild Air Transport Ltd. between Haileybury ON and Rouyn. Photo: Canada Aviation and Space Museum #KM245.



Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Inc., New York (1926) U.S.-owned Fokker C.II, unregistered

Called in to assist the over-booked Fairchild organization in Canada to conduct a photo survey for a projected power line to connect newly completed Gatineau Power generating stations with the Ontario Hydro-Electric Power Commission grid.

Fairchild Aerial Surveys Co. (of Canada) Ltd., Grand-Mère (1923-26) Huff-Daland HD-19 Petrel 5, G-CAEK

This aircraft’s 1926 tasks included photographic operations in the Ottawa Valley, and vertical photography of an area on the National Transcontinental Railway northwest of Parent Station as well as the area north of La Tuque and east of Trois-Rivières.

Fairchild Aviation Ltd., Grand-Mère (1926-28) Aeromarine AMC, G-CAFD

Summer 1927 operations included forest-fire protection patrols of the Canadian International Paper Company timber limits in the Gatineau river basin between Blue Sea Lake and Clova.

Fauquier, J.E. (Commercial Airways Ltd.), Noranda (1934-38) Waco UKC, CF-AUR

In 1937 operated daily service from Rouyn to the gold mining area of Val d’Or. Freighting from Oskélanéo to the Chibougamau area.

Fecteau, Arthur, Senneterre (1936-52) Junkers W-33f, CF-AQB

A. Fecteau Transport Aérien Ltée, Senneterre (1952-73) – DHC-2 Beaver CF-GQO

This important operator’s activities are too extensive to summarize here.

Field, E.H., Kilmar (1935-36) D.H. 60X Moth, G-CATJ

Forbell, Charles U., St-Jovite (1938-50) Travel Air 2000, CF-AFI




On the right, G-CAIU, Fairchild FC-51, in 1933, when owned by Prospectors Airways. G. B. Explorers purchased this aircraft in 1936. A Waco UIC, CF-AUC, owned by B.S. Ashley, is shown on the left. Photo: Kenneth Molson, Library and Archives Canada #PA-102022.


G.B. Explorers Ltd., Toronto (1936-37) – Fairchild FC-2/51, G-CAIU

Glyn Burge is believed to have operated from Haileybury ON and Senneterre.

Gamble, W.A., Rouyn (1937) – D.H. 60M Moth, CF-ADK

Gamble was vice-president of Granada Gold Mines Ltd., Rouyn. In 1937 he set up Speculations Ltd., also in Rouyn. Registered to Speculations Ltd., the Moth operated as far north as James Bay.

Gatineau Power Co., Montréal (1926-53)

A major client of the Fairchild companies.

Gauthier, J.R., Senneterre (1947-55) – Noorduyn Norseman IV, CF-BDF

General Airways Ltd., Toronto ON (1928-39) – Fairchild FC-2, G-CAJJ

Major operator in the area with bases at Amos, Rouyn, Oskélanéo and Hudson ON.

Gold Belt Air Service Ltd., Rouyn (1946-62) – Bellanca 31-55A Senior Skyrocket, CF-DCH

Bases at Amos, Lac Bachelor and Rouyn.

Gray Rocks Inn Ltd., St-Jovite (1924-47) – Curtiss MF Seagull, G-CADI

Operating from Lac Ouimet and its adjacent airport.

Great North Air Service Ltd., Haileybury ON (1938-40) – Waco YKS-6, CF-AYR

Apparently operations ceased when this leased aircraft was destroyed by fire.

CF-DCH, a Bellanca Senior Skyrocket, shown here c.1947, was operated by Gold Belt Air Service in 1952-53.  Photo: Russell Baker, Library and Archives Canada #PA-102390.


Hall’s Air Service Ltd., Val-d’Or (1948-59) – D.H. 60X Moth, G-CAPA

This company operated two Moths and three Avro Anson V aircraft for charter and freight.

Hennessy Air Lines Ltd., Haileybury ON (1935-37) – Bellanca P-200 Airbus, CF-BBJ

The Hennessy brothers were contractors and prospectors, operating aircraft from both Hudson ON and Oskélanéo.

Hudson’s Bay Company, Winnipeg MB (1939-55) – Noorduyn Norseman V, CF-BHF

Their aircraft served posts at Casey, Grand Lac Victoria, Oskélanéo, Senneterre and Waswanipi.


International Paper and Power Company, New York City (1928-41)

Parent company of the Canadian International Paper Company and the Gatineau Power Company, served by the Fairchild companies.


James D. Lacey & Company (Canada), Montréal (1924-29)

Specializing in forestry inventory and aerial sketching, associated with the Fairchild companies.

Lanouette, Albert and R. Roy, Ville-Marie (1939-44) – Curtiss C-1 Robin, CF-AHE

La Sarre Air Services Ltd., Abitibi (1946-48) – Avro Anson V, CF-EIA

Charter and freight operator. Absorbed with Air Fecteau in 1981 into a new company, Propair Inc. of Rouyn-Noranda.

Laurentian Air Service Ltd., St-Jovite (1922-24) – Curtiss JN-4, G-CADF

Did passenger carrying and pleasure flying.

Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa ON (1936-2004) – Waco ZQC-6 Custom, CF-BDO

Bases at Ottawa ON, Ste-Marguerite (Domaine d’Esterel), and Squaw Lake (Schefferville).

The Laurentide Company Ltd., Montréal (1920-22) – Curtiss HS-2L, G-CAAC

Flew from Lac-à-la-Tortue to Lac Kewagama (now Preissac) in 1920 to establish a mining claim, the first such operation in Canada.

Laurentide Air Service, Ltd., Montréal (1922-26) – Vickers Viking Mk. IV, G-CAEB

Bases at Grand-Mère (Lac-à-la-Tortue) and Rémi Lake (Moonbeam) ON.

Leavens Brothers Air Services Ltd., Belleville ON (1930-35) – Waco 10, CF-AFD

“Barnstorming” and passenger flying in Québec as far east as Trois-Rivières.


McCarthy Aero Service Ltd., Toronto ON (1920-24) – Curtiss JN-4, G-CABE

Based at Leaside ON and New Liskeard ON, took and marketed aerial photos of Québec regions.

McIntyre-Porcupine Mines Ltd., Toronto ON (1933-48) – Stinson SR-9FM Reliant, CF-BIM

Based at Schumacher ON. Owner of Belleterre Québec Mines Ltd., Belleterre (1936-48).

Michaud, W.J., Senneterre (1937-42) – Fairchild FC-2/51, G-CAIU

Millar Exploration Co. Ltd., Toronto ON (1929-36) – Waco YKC, CF-AWJ

Active in the western Québec mining area, W.N. Millar was a commercial pilot, related to the Weaver family from which Waco got its name.

Mohr, R.S., Aylmer (1930-32) – Swallow biplane, G-CANU

Mohr was part owner, with J. Nash and Louis Bisson.

Tom Montgomery Prospecting Syndicate, New Liskeard ON (1930-34) – D.H. 60 Moth, CF-ADO

Associated with Waite-Amulet Mines Ltd., Rouyn area.


G-CACT, Curtiss HS-2L flying boat, operated by Northern Air Service Syndicate in 1925. Photo: Canada Aviation and Space Museum #2178.


Nash, J., Hull (1930-32)  Swallow biplane, G-CANU

Nash was part owner, with R.S. Mohr and Louis Bisson.

Northern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd., Toronto ON (1928-33) – Fairchild FC-2, G-CARA

Operated in the Amos area.

Northern Air Express, Senneterre (1930) – Fairchild FC-2, G-CAIH

Manager/pilot was Bratislav “Bret” Pliske.

Northern Air Service Syndicate, Haileybury ON (1925) – Curtiss HS-2L, G-CACT

Operated service between Haileybury ON and Lac Trémoy (later Osisko), Rouyn; pilot, B.W. Broatch.

Northern Air Transport Ltd., Montréal (1932-36) – Travel Air B-6000, CF-AER


Obalski-Chibougamau Mining Co., Montréal (1929-45) – Travel Air B-6000, CF-AER

Crash of this airplane resulted in considerable litigation.


Parker, Sydney E., Lake Placid, NY and Montréal (1919-20) – Curtiss MF Seagull, U.S.-owned, unregistered

Itinerant operator working as far north as Lac-des-Sables at Ste-Agathe, offering pleasure flights.

Patricia Airways and Exploration Co. Ltd., Toronto ON (1926-29) – Stinson SB-1 Detroiter, G-CAFW

Based at Sioux Lookout ON. Passenger flights to Rouyn in April 1927 from Haileybury ON.

Prospectors Airways Co. Ltd., Haileybury ON (1928-39) – Fairchild 82, CF-AXA

Company president was Robert Cockeram (see above). Ranged as far north as the Ungava region.




Prospectors Airways’ Fairchild FC 82, CF-AXA. Photo: Canada Aviation and Space Museum #4681.


R. & W. Air Service, Montréal (1920-21) – Curtiss JN-4, G-CADE

Owners Adélard Raymond and Harry Wilshire. One of their then-unregistered JN-4 biplanes, named Raymondale, made the first aircraft landing at Lachute on 13 November 1919, piloted by Harry Wilshire. It was probably the first commercial aircraft operated in the Montréal area.

Rou-anda Air Services, Rouyn (1938-39) – Aeronca K, CF-BJJ

Jointly owned by Sam Coffler of Toronto and Joseph Dunkelman of Rouyn, operating as Rou-anda Air Services.


Ste-Marie, G., Hull (1936-40) – D.H. 60G Moth, CF-AVF

Seguin, L.A., Rouyn (1946-48) – D.H. 90 Dragonfly, CF-BFF

Shamess, A., Senneterre (1937-38) – Travel Air BM-4000, CF-AKU

Skylines Express Ltd. (Northern Flights Ltd.), Toronto ON (1937-41) – Waco ZQC-6, CF-BDS

Operated daily scheduled service between Montréal and Kirkland Lake ON with stops at Val d’Or (Sullivan) and Rouyn in 1937.

Speculations Ltd., Rouyn (1937-39) – D.H. 60M Moth, CF-ADK


Troup, C.R. (Northern Skyways), Montréal and Noranda (1933-36) – Fairchild 71C, CF-AWU

Absorbed into Dominion Skyways Ltd. (see above).


White, P.P., Rouyn (1935-45) – D.H. 60M Moth, CF-ADA






My sincere thanks to the following:


– Noël Rodrigue for the French translation,

– Maurice Graffin for revision of the French text,

– the team of volunteers at the Gatineau Airport whose airport history project inspired me to compile this overview of aviation history in the “Outaouais and Beyond.”


If you have memories to share or further information to contribute on the topics covered in this post, you are invited to do so via the comments box below.