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In the collection of the Temora Aviation Museum, Australia, Lockheed Hudson VH-KOY (Military S/N: A16-112) is still flying.
Photo: Temora Aviation Museum website.

Comments and photos from Paddy Gardiner


A few days ago, Paddy Gardiner wrote from Kuujjuak, Nunavik, Québec, to comment on the photo of a Lockheed Hudson featured in my post of 9 December 2016. The caption read: “The only Lockheed Hudson still flying today. Shown here at Point Cook, Greater Melbourne, Australia….”


Paddy kindly agreed to let me share his comments and photos with readers of Flights of History.


Is there really only one Hudson left flying?  That seems to be a serious flaw in the ancient airplane program.  And in Point Cook too?  I have been there and it is a wonderful place — the only airport I have ever seen with bleachers from which to view the field. 



The field itself has a wide “big sky” view — ideal for airplane watching. Here is a photo I took there during my visit to give you an idea.



The airplane in the photo, which looks somewhat like a Boulton Paul Balliol, is in fact a Commonwealth Winjeel.




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