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Comment and photos from John Henderson



Recent posts about the only Lockheed Hudson still flying (VH-KOY) prompted John Henderson of Ottawa ( to send this email.


Herewith a couple of images of KOY in situ at the Temora Museum, taken several years ago during one of our journeys to the Antipodes Islands, New Zealand.


(Photos by John Henderson; captions added by Diana.)



VH-KOY is painted here to represent a Hudson III, s/n A16-211, a bomber that served with the Royal Australian Air Force during the Second World War. Ii is in fact a Hudson IV (c/n 414-6041; Military s/n A16-112). Photo: J. Henderson.



Superchargers on the two 1200 hp Wright Cyclone 9-cyl. radial engines give Hudson VH-KOY an extra boost for take-off. The bomber has a cruising speed of 196 mph (315 km/h). Photo: J. Henderson.




Link to Temora Aviation Museum