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About the Noorduyn Norseman

If you’d like to know more about the Noorduyn Norseman airplane, here are some links you can check out, as well as a list of books on the topic.


Links to Online Sources


Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa, Ontario

Avcanada Forum

Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre  and

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Mount Hope, Ontario.

Red Lake, Ontario: Norseman Capital of the World.

YouTube has many video clips and a few longer videos featuring the Noorduyn Norseman.




Grant, Robert S. Great Northern Bushplanes. Surrey, B.C.: Hancock House, 1997.

See Chapter 2, “Noorduyn Norseman: Nobody Stays Clean.” Grant recounts the real-life experiences of pilots across Canada flying eight different bushplanes. His narrative is supported by technical details about each aircraft type. An authoritative and enjoyable read from a man with five decades in the industry.

McVicar, Don. Ferry Command. Shrewsbury [Shropshire], England: Airlife Publishing, 1981. (Now available as an e-book from Amazon.)

In 1942, McVicar and Louis Bisson, each flying a Norseman, surveyed the Crimson Route through the Arctic as a possible route for delivering North American aircraft needed in Europe during the Second World War. See pages 34-92 of Ferry Command for their adventures on this assignment. McVicar’s fast-paced style makes for a compelling read.

Milberry, Larry and Hugh A. Halliday. Aviation in Canada: The Noorduyn Norseman, Vol. 1. Toronto, Ontario: CANAV Books, 2013.

Milberry, Larry. Aviation in Canada: The Noorduyn Norseman, Vol. 2. Toronto, Ontario: CANAV Books, 2013.

Both beautiful books, these CANAV publications are full of photographs, anecdotes, and solid history of the Norseman aircraft. They belong on your must-read list.

Williams, A.R. (Al). Bush and Arctic Pilot. Surrey, B.C.: Hancock House, 1998.

Lean back and join Al Williams’ fan club as he describes his experiences flying two Norseman aircraft, CF-GTP and CF-DRD, and other aircraft as well. See Chapters 9, 13, 17 and 18 re the Norseman, his favourite bushplane. Today CF-DRD sits high on a pedestal overlooking Red Lake, Ontario, the “Norseman Capital of the World.”